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Breeders may choose to useartificial insemination, or AI kits for dogs, for a wide range of reasons. It offers plenty of benefits to prospective dog breeders. – If time or costs prevent the natural breeding of the intended bitch and sire.

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  • What do you need to get a dog inseminated?

  • We offer supplies for semen collection and safe transport of stud dog semen, as well as syringes, pipettes, and lube for insemination of the female. Or you can order one of our comprehensive artificial insemination kits for dogs, which include everything you need from semen collection and transport to insemination.

  • How often should I breed my AI?

  • That is the window we are trying to hit with our AI breeding. This is why we recommend to AI the female every other day to try to time it with her estrus. The male dog must be excited in order to collect semen. Stud dog arousal is easily achieved when a female dog in estrus is placed near, or with the male.

  • Do you have questions about our AI kits for dogs?

  • Have questions about our AI kits for dogs? One of our expert Pet Care Pros would be happy to advise you. Just call 800-786-4751. Get our best deals, latest products and coolest promos. pawsitively helpful tips!

  • How to inseminate a dog with a syringe?

  • Insemination Process. Attach the syringe on one end of the pipette and insert the opposite end into the standing dog’s vaginal vault. The pipette should be guided into the top of the vagina to avoid urethral entrance. Be gentle and travel up, then flat, then slightly down. Once the pipette is in place, you will deposit the semen.

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