are non breeding contracts legal in canada

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  • Are non-breeding dog breeder contracts legally binding?

  • What is a Non-Breeding Contract for Dogs? Dog breeder contracts are created between buyers and breeders to ensure that a financial agreement has been put in place. It also covers concerns such as ethics and return policy. Many buyers and breeders debate on how legally binding these contracts are if at all. But are dog breeder contracts enforceable?

  • What is a dog breeder contract?

  • A general summary of what a dog breeder contract is is a contract to enforce the proper care by new buyer. It also states the welfare gone into their breeding and treatment by the breeder. This is to ensure high standards of care from their genetics to the breeder鈥檚 care of the puppy whilst in ownership.

  • Can you breed a dog without breeding rights?

  • Anyone can breed a dog without breeding rights, but in order to do so legally, you need breeding rights. These can be defined as registration and the right to possess and record a dog in kennel clubs. What is a Puppy Contract?

  • Do you need a contract to buy a purebred dog?

  • Most of life鈥檚 major acquisitions require a legal contract, from purchasing a house to leasing a car. Add to that list bringing home a purebred dog. Reputable breeders almost universally require anyone who provides a home to one of their dogs to sign a contract.

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