are pit bull mixed breeds dangerous

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The answer isYES!most Pitbull mixes are extremely dangerous especially when they鈥檙e not trained. Although when properly trained,they can be affectionate and cuddly. But generally,they鈥檙e aggressive dog breeds that seeks attention.

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  • Are Pitbulls more dangerous than other dogs?

  • Pitbulls are not more dangerous than any other breed of dog by nature. They are by far the most mistreated and abused breed of dog in the country, and im sure there are lots more defensive/insecure pitbulls out there than the average breed, but that is not because of the dog, but how its been treated.

  • What kind of dog can you mix with a Pitbull?

  • A Pit Bull mixed with mastiff breeds, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweilers, and similar breeds can be a dog that poses a real problem. Such a dog could exhibit the Pit Bull鈥檚 tenacity, strength, and smarts while also inheriting the human-wariness and guarding instincts of the other breed(s).

  • Is it OK to call a Pitbull mix Pitbull?

  • Your Pit Bull mix should always be represented to the public as a mixed breed, not as a Pit Bull. It is unfair to the Pit Bull breed as a whole to label dogs of mixed heritage as 鈥淧it Bulls鈥? Only purebred American Pit Bull Terriers can rightly be called 鈥淧it Bulls鈥?

  • Is it hard to train a Pitbull mix?

  • These dogs are well-known for being extremely difficult to train and you would have to be willing to put a lot of time and effort into teaching a dog how to behave properly if you want to get one of these dogs. Are Pitbull Lab mixesdogs dangerous?

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