can different breeds of rabbits mate

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  • Can you breed two different breeds of rabbits together?

  • Rabbit cross Breeding means mating of rabbits of two separate breeds. Breeding in animals is not as simple as it sounds. Crossbreeding in pet rabbits is preferred only after the doe (female rabbit) is at least 6 months old. The age for the buck (male doe) should be at least 4 months before mating.

  • Can pet rabbits mate with wild rabbits?

  • While pet and wild rabbits are both rabbits, they are also different species, and its therefore very unlikely that they will mate. Pet rabbits can mate and breed with European rabbits as they are genetically similar enough. Wild rabbits and pet rabbits are unable to live together as the differences between them are too pronounced.

  • Can you cross-breed rabbits?

  • Rabbit cross-breeding does not occur in popular breeds. For example, Holland lops, if one needs to improve the affirmation of the herd for breeding standards, simply find a rabbit from another breed that fits the rabbit鈥檚 needs. The problem in Rabbit cross breeding lies in the genetics of each breed.

  • How old do Rabbits have to be to breed?

  • A rabbit normally starts breeding around 6 months of age for small to medium-sized breeds. For heavy breeds, this age is typically around 8-9 months of age. A doe and buck may differ slightly in the time they are ready to reproduce.

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