can you return a dog to a breeder

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A good dog breedermust be prepared to take puppies backif they are concerned about their welfare. Puppies should not just be considered profit to high-quality breeders but living creatures that deserve good lives. However,some owners may be misinformed or returning the dog in hopes of gaining their money back without good motives to do so.

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  • Can a puppy be returned to the breeder?

  • Unfortunately, sometimes a puppy is not appropriate for a household, not in great health or the family was not ready for the commitment. In this scenario, we as owners and breeders need to know what our options are and if a puppy can and should be returned to their breeder. And if so, what is the formal protocol?

  • Will a breeder take my dog back if he is neutered?

  • If a breeder doesn’t want your dog back because he or she is neutered or spayed, don’t press the issue, and find another home. If the breeder is not responsible, but is an irresponsible backyard breeder or puppy mill, they might only take back dogs that can still be bred to make money off the puppies.

  • How do I get my dog back from a breeder?

  • Contacting The Breeder – they want to hear from you If you bought your pet from a reputable, responsible breeder, please contact your breeder first,before placing your animal with anybody else or taking him or her to a shelter. The same goes for animals acquired from rescue organizations, call the organization where you got the animal.

  • Would you take the puppy back?

  • I would take the puppy back 100% but no re-imbursements would be made until I was safisfied that it was still the emotionaly stable puppy that had left me! And to any potential new owner the pup has become ‘the one that was left’

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