can you return a dog to the breeder

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Circumstances, where you should be ableto returnthe dog, include an illness not being mentioned or discovered by the breederbut was present during their care of the dog. If this is just a minor cold or something that will pass without required treatment, then return should not be an option as this is circumstantial.

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  • When to return a puppy to the breeder?

  • A return of a puppy should occur if the fault is on the breeder鈥檚 behalf. Sometimes a dog will not suit the household or lifestyle they are brought into. Morally, the puppy should be able to be returned as these situations can occur.

  • Can a breeder accept a puppy back if it has health problems?

  • Unless a breeder makes a puppy buyer aware that a dog might be affected by a certain condition prior to the sale and the buyer accepts this, a breeder should accept a puppy back if they are found to suffer from a hereditary health problem.

  • Can a dog be returned to its owner?

  • Morally, the puppy should be able to be returned as these situations can occur. However, financially, the costs may not be able to be returned to the owner. As when the dog was purchased, they should have been prepared for this possibility and how to cope with it.

  • Can I get my money back from a breeder?

  • No, you may not get any money refunded. Please do not get into that mind set, money is not the point, is it? The utmost priority is to find an appropriate home for a dog you do not keep. Most responsible breeders cannot afford to pay you back beyond warranties.

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