can you return a dog to the breeder

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  • When to return a puppy to the breeder?

  • If the puppy has a congenital defect that has a serious, ongoing and/or potentially costly impact on the pup and that will affect their quality of life, the breeder should accept a return of the puppy, unless the buyer purchased the puppy knowing about it in the first place. If the puppy has a serious, long term or chronic health condition

  • Can a breeder accept a puppy back if it has health problems?

  • Unless a breeder makes a puppy buyer aware that a dog might be affected by a certain condition prior to the sale and the buyer accepts this, a breeder should accept a puppy back if they are found to suffer from a hereditary health problem.

  • Can a dog be returned to its owner?

  • Morally, the puppy should be able to be returned as these situations can occur. However, financially, the costs may not be able to be returned to the owner. As when the dog was purchased, they should have been prepared for this possibility and how to cope with it.

  • Would you take the puppy back?

  • I would take the puppy back 100% but no re-imbursements would be made until I was safisfied that it was still the emotionaly stable puppy that had left me! And to any potential new owner the pup has become ‘the one that was left’

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