do bengal cats spray more than other breeds

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All breeds of cats spray, and bengals arenot more or less likely to spray than other domestic cats. If your bengal cat is not F5, however, but rather F1, F2, or F3, then it will be more likely to spray than other domestic cat breeds. 鈥楩鈥?in breeding stands for 鈥渇ili鈥?meaning offspring.

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  • Are Bengal cats prone to behavior problems?

  • Bengal cat behavior issues are similar to any other cat, but they are more prone to behavior problems if the owner is unprepared for their high activity level. The Bengal cat鈥檚 popularity has risen in recent years due to the breed鈥檚 stunning and wild appearance, lineage, and energetic disposition.

  • What kind of coat does a Bengal cat have?

  • The Bengal cat is the only domestic cat breed CFA allows to display rosettes in its coat. These cat’s coats bear a strong resemblance to jaguars, ocelots, and leopards coats. The Bengal is one of just a handful of so-called hypoallergenic cat breeds.

  • What is the origin of the Bengal cat?

  • With exotic looks to match its name, the Bengal cat originated as a cross between the Asian leopard cat and a domesticated cat. Often, Bengal cats have at least a little bit of Egyptian Mau in their background. These days, most members of the Bengal cat breed are the product of a cross between two purebred Bengal cats.

  • Do Bengal cats have long tails?

  • The Bengal cat should have a medium length tail that is proportionate to the body. The tail should be thick with a tapered end and a rounded tip. Bengal cats should be medium to large size, with sleek, muscular bodies. The hindquarters should be slightly higher than the shoulders.

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