do different dog breeds need different food

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Post-growth,different breeds still have different needs. 鈥淐aloric needs vary based on breed size,鈥?says Dr. Joyce. Small and toy breeds have higher metabolic rates (more than twice those of large breeds)and smaller stomachs. They, therefore, function best on energy-dense diets and small meals.

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  • Do different breeds of dogs have different nutritional needs?

  • We do not yet have the research that pinpoints the difference in nutritional requirements between different specific breeds of dogs. A small breed dog鈥檚 metabolism, for example, is much different from a large breed dog, but it is unlikely that a Yorkie鈥檚 dietary needs vary all that much from a Shih Tzu’s.

  • Is it OK to feed my dog the same food?

  • Most dog sizes and breeds can be fed the same diet, although the amount fed should be tailored to each dog’s metabolism and activity to avoid obesity . Your dog uses nutrients in dog food as a source of energy and to help him grow. Especially important for your dog are:

  • How to choose the best pet food for your dog?

  • When choosing a pet food, you should focus on selecting a high quality diet from a trusted brand that meets your dog’s life stage, size and lifestyle needs. These three factors are more relevant to your dog’s nutritional needs than his breed.

  • Are breed-specific dog foods harmful to your dog?

  • Breed-specific dog foods are not necessarily harmful; they are just somewhat redundant if you (and your veterinarian) are already correctly assessing your dog鈥檚 dietary requirements based on life stage, size and specific health needs. Take a large breed puppy like a Golden Retriever, for instance.

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