how are selective breeding cloning and genetic engineering similar

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  • What is the difference between cloning and selective breeding?

  • Cloning, selective breeding, and genetic engineering are the techniques that can be used to develop or produce such specialized genetically manipulated organisms. The process of selective breeding of animals and plants to obtain offspring with certain specific characteristic or characteristics is referred to as selective breeding.

  • What is the difference between genetic engineering and selective breeding?

  • Genetic Engineering allows scientists to transfer genes from one organism to an organism of a different species; and in Selective Breeding organisms within the same species with certain desirable characteristics are mated to produce a new variety.

  • Which best compares genetic engineering and cloning of animals?

  • Which best compares genetic engineering and cloning of animals? Both result in offspring with a single, specific desirable trait. Both result in offspring that are genetically identical to the original organism. Both require that DNA be manipulated in some way. Both require that only females are used in the process.

  • What is the difference between natural breeding and artificial breeding?

  • 鈥?Natural breeding takes place in selective breeding while artificial breeding takes place in genetic engineering. In the selective breeding, it only selects the parents considering their traits that allow them to breed on their own, but in genetic engineering, the genes are being transferred.

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