how different dog breeds came to be

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  • How many breeds of dogs are there in the world?

  • The Fdration Cynologique Internationale, or World Canine Organization, currently recognizes over 300 distinct, registered dog breeds and classifies these breeds into 10 groups, such as sheepdogs and cattle dogs, terriers, and companion and toy dogs.

  • Are all dogs from the same species?

  • All dogs, in their wonderful variety, are from the same species, Canis lupus. More than 400 breeds exist worldwide although only 178 are officially recognized. Dog breeds have multiplied fairly rapidly through man鈥檚 intervention rather than over long periods of time through natural selection.

  • How much variation is there between different dog breeds?

  • So, a black lab and a golden lab will have less variation than a black lab and a bulldog. But what鈥檚 interesting is that variation can be as much as 27.5 percent between dogs of different breeds, even though essentially, they are the same species.

  • What makes a dog a breed?

  • Humans tinkered with dogs, selecting for temperament or physical traits. Things like distinguishing markings, the color of a coat and other physical features like head and body shape. A new breed has to meet very specific requirements to qualify as an official breed.

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