how different dog breeds came to be

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  • Are there different breeds of dogs?

  • There are purebred breeds, which are typically bred for their pedigree and for showing (in dog shows such as The National Dog Show run by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia or the Westminster Dog Show run by Westminster Kennel Club) . There are also mutt dogs, which occur from random mating of often abandoned or stray dogs.

  • What is the evolution of dog breeds?

  • The evolution of dog breeds is an interesting story of human involvement in the domestication of a wild animal, the gray wolf. The domestic dog is called Canis familiaris. The artificial selection of dog breeds has led to diversity in size, conformation, and pelage seen today in domestic canines .

  • What makes a dog a breed?

  • Humans tinkered with dogs, selecting for temperament or physical traits. Things like distinguishing markings, the color of a coat and other physical features like head and body shape. A new breed has to meet very specific requirements to qualify as an official breed.

  • Why do scientists study different breeds of dogs?

  • But all breeds belong to a single species, so scientists have studied the breeds to better understand the workings of evolution, and how such great variation could have arisen within one group.

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