how do i know if i have a breeding kink

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  • What is breeding kink?

  • Breeding kink is an impregnation-based fantasy where people indulge in the thrill of risky, potentially procreative sex.

  • What is a kink test?

  • Kink play is at the heart of communication and consent. Players may at any time stop a scenario, whether or not they wish to. Instead, certain players can choose a safeguard. Also, you must try to play this Kink test. A safeword is a message that players agree to halt a scene immediately.

  • Do you have a pregnancy kink?

  • Yes, pregnancy can be the result of sex, but it can also turn people on. Pregnancy kinks include a desire to get someone pregnant (sometimes known as a breeding fetish) and an attraction to pregnant people. The former is one with an element of riskiness.

  • Do you identify as Kinky if you don鈥檛 have kinks?

  • If that鈥檚 not how you鈥檙e identifying, you鈥檙e not branded a few kinks or kinky habits. Conversely, you can鈥檛 identify as kinky just on a single kinder or two. There is no rule at all. Identity may greatly help to establish a group and to define yourself.

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