how does horse breeding work

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HorsereproductionWith the arrival of spring, the increase in heat and availability of natural light stimulates receptors in a horse鈥檚 brain that orders an increase in the production and release of sex hormones.

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  • How do Horses mate and reproduce?

  • Horse mating and fecundation takes place through riding, as is with a vast majority of mammals. For more horse breeding facts, keep reading below. How do horses mate? The first step in horse mating is the courtship, performed by males to attract females before mounting.

  • Why do we breed horses?

  • From the careful selection of broodmares and stallions, to the joy at the birth of a new foal, breeding horses has fascinated and given happiness to people for thousands of years. It is the reason we have so many distinctive breeds, fitted for a whole spectrum of purposes.

  • What are the duties of a horse breeder?

  • The duties of a horse breeder may include such responsibilities as facilitating breedings by live cover or artificial insemination, handling stallions, teasing mares, attending foalings, assisting with veterinary exams, keeping herd health records, and managing farm staff such as broodmare managers, stallion managers, and grooms .

  • What are the methods of horse breeding?

  • The main method of breeding activity is purebred breeding. The method is usually used when working with Arab, Thoroughbred, Orlov Trotter, Akhal-Teke, and other breeds. With this method, the most valuable breeds are improved, or all their useful qualities are preserved.

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