how does selective breeding affect dna

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Reduces genetic diversity

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  • What are the implications of selective breeding and genetic modification?

  • E.g. selective breeding usually reduces genetic diversity as only a select few individuals are used to produce very large numbers of offspring. This could effect the survival of the population. The precise implications are specific to each each and depend on the gene being added (or removed), the organism being modified and it’s environment.

  • What is selective breeding?

  • Selective breeding is the process of choosing which male and female individuals mate in order to develop a particular phenotypic trait. Humans have controlled the breeding of domesticated animals and plants for centuries.

  • Does selective breeding affect genetic diversity in soybean gene pools?

  • The breeding practice that involves the use of a small set of elite lines as parents has triggered investigations of the impacts of selective breeding on the genetic diversity of the commercially used soybean gene pool.

  • Is selective breeding affecting fertility in dairy herds?

  • Lower levels of fertility have been increasing in dairy herds. Selective breeding has apparently contributed to this fall of fertility in some breeds. A missing region of DNA that is linked to fertility rates was identified in Nordic Red cattle.

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