how does selective breeding improved the racing ability of horses

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Selective breeding is also called artificial selection,it is technique that involves choosing parents based upon desired traits or develop particular phenotypic traits. It is used in improving the racing abilities of horses,such thatif two fast horses were mated,the offspring may inherit the characteristics that lead to the ability to run fast.

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  • Is selective breeding bad for the Thoroughbred breed?

  • Yet even the most purposefully applied selective breeding has produced terrible problems for the Thoroughbred breed. Because the perfect race horse is both fast and light, breeding has focused on Thoroughbreds with huge muscle concentrations but light bones.

  • How to breed a successful racehorse?

  • To breed a racehorse that will be successful is challenging. You not only need to have a horse with good conformation that can withstand the rigors of training and racing he must also be fast enough to win. Choosing which horses to mate is difficult. Through the years humans have developed different theories on how to produce the ultimate horse.

  • Is it only in riding horses that we can improve breeding?

  • It is only in riding horses that other initiatives have been taken to improve the breeding programme.

  • How have Thoroughbreds adapted to modern racing?

  • That鈥檚 made the Thoroughbred particularly adapted to modern racing鈥檚 demands. 鈥淒ue to the change in racing conditions over time, selective pressures on Thoroughbred horses have also changed over time,鈥?Todd said.

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