how many breeds of beagles are there

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10 Different Types of BeaglesShow Type Beagles. The show type beagles are conforming to a rigid standard and they are bred for a show. …Hunting Type Beagles. Another type of beagles are the hunting beagles which is also known as the 鈥樷€檉ield beagles鈥欌€? …The Sharp Beagle. …American Beagle. …13 Inch And 15 Inch Beagles. …The Labbe. …Peagle. …Boggle. …Puggle. …Poogle. …More items…

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  • What are the different sizes of beagles?

  • About the Beagle. There are two Beagle varieties: those standing under 13 inches at the shoulder, and those between 13 and 15 inches. Both varieties are sturdy, solid, and 鈥渂ig for their inches,鈥?as dog folks say. They come in such pleasing colors as lemon, red and white, and tricolor.

  • Is a beagle a popular dog breed?

  • Because of their smaller size, cute appearance and charming personalities, the Beagle is an extremely popular dog breed 鈥?ranked fifth in popularity by the AKC. Beagles are happy, friendly, curious dogs.

  • How many working Beagles are there in the UK?

  • In the U.K, there are currently 55 packs of working Beagles. They are often compared to other breeds, like the Basset Hound. Beagles love attention and make excellent companion dogs.

  • When did the first beagle come out?

  • The modern breed was developed in the mid-1800s in England. Beagles come in two different size categories. These are commonly known as the 13-inch (or 33 cm) Beagle and the 15-inch (or 38 cm) Beagle, with height measured at the withers.

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