how many breeds of collies are there

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  • What are the different types of collie dogs?

  • Types of Collie Dog Breeds. 1 Rough collie (Long-Haired Collie) As stated in the introduction, the Rough Collie is not only one of the most famous Collie type breeds, it is one of … 2 Smooth Collie (Short-Haired Collie) 3 Border Collie. 4 Bearded Collie.

  • Is a collie a good family dog?

  • Gentle and sweet, this majestic breed is a friend to all and is known for being an exceptional family dog. The Collie comes in two coat varieties. The rough Collie (with a coat like Lassie) is more common and the most recognizable. The rough Collie鈥檚 double coat is its crowning glory.

  • What is the difference between Scottish Collies and Welsh Collies?

  • The Scottish version was larger and more aggressive whereas Welsh collies were smaller and much friendlier. Crossbreeding these ancient herding dogs with English sheepdogs is believed to have resulted in the first versions of the Rough and Smooth Collie varieties.

  • What are collies bred for?

  • Collies are sometimes also referred to as the 鈥淪cottish Collie鈥?and were originally bred to herd sheep for farmers and livestock owners. The breed originated in the 1800s and today is still used for herding purposes, but is also often chosen purely for a family pet.

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