how many breeds of domesticated cats are there

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Altogether,there are roughly100breeds of domestic cats and approximately 40 breeds of wild cats. Here are a few tips on how to tell your cat鈥檚 breed:

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  • How many different cat breeds are there in the world?

  • The Cat Fanciers Association only recognizes 42 cat breeds, whereas the International Cat Association recognizes 71. There are also some more experimental breeds that are unrecognized, so it would be safe to say that there are between 42 and 100 cat breeds in the world.

  • Are there any new breeds of domestic cats in 2018?

  • In 2018, the FCA introduced two new breeds: the Lykoi cat and the Khao Manee cat. Even so, classification systems have remained unchanged for years. This is because these federations require compelling evidence in order to recognize a new domestic cat breed.

  • What is the world鈥檚 most popular cat breed?

  • The Persian cat is the world鈥檚 most popular long-haired cat. It is thought that long hair occurred naturally in domestic cats, to keep them warm from cold climates. This fluffy cat from Persia (now Iran) belongs to one of the oldest breeds of domestic cat.

  • How often do the cat breed lists change?

  • Usually, the cat breed lists stay the same in all organizations and do not change quite often. Nevertheless, new breeds can be occasionally developed and they demand authentication. The CFA or cat fanciers鈥?association has introduced two new breeds in their 2018 list. One of them is Lykoi and the other is Khao Manee.

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