how many cat breeds are there in the whole world

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  • How many different kinds of cats are there in the world?

  • While Encyclopedia Britannica only lists fifteen cat breeds, The International Cat Association, the world’s largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats, recognizes seventy-one different kinds. Many other well-recognized registries and associations tend to fall between those two numbers.

  • How many cats are there in China?

  • China is home to around 53 million cats. China, having the third largest pet industry in the world, definitely has a substantial pet cat population. However, besides pet cats, the stray and feral cat population of the country is also skyrocketing, with Beijing alone having thousands of stray cats.

  • Which country has the most cats in the world?

  • Countries With The Most Pet Cats Globally 1 USA (76.5 million) 2 China (53 million) 3 Russia (12.75 million) 4 Brazil (12.5 million) 5 France (9.5 million) 6 Italy (9.5 million) 7 UK (7.75 million) 8 Germany (7.75 million) 9 Ukraine (7.5 million) 10 Japan (7.25 million)

  • Are there more cats or dogs in the United States?

  • In the United States, over 36.5% of the households have dogs as compared to 30.4% of homes with cats, but there are more cats than dogs with every cat-owning home having an average of 2.2 cats. A survey conducted in 2007 confirmed that there are about 75 million cats and 72 million dogs in the United States.

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