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  • How many domestic cat breeds are there?

  • The official number of domestic cat breeds today largely depends on the criteria used. Different federations argue there are between 15 and 71 total breeds. Without a doubt, cat owners around the world have wondered how many domestic cat breeds there are. However, because of clashing classification criteria, the answer isn鈥檛 so simple.

  • How many wild cats are there in the world?

  • According to multiple wild cat associations, there are about 36 types of wild cats found around the world. This includes the African Golden Cat, the Cheetah, the Jaguar, and more. Just like with domesticated house cats, there is some debate about the exact number of wild cats in the wild.

  • How often do the cat breed lists change?

  • Usually, the cat breed lists stay the same in all organizations and do not change quite often. Nevertheless, new breeds can be occasionally developed and they demand authentication. The CFA or cat fanciers鈥?association has introduced two new breeds in their 2018 list. One of them is Lykoi and the other is Khao Manee.

  • What are the most popular cat breeds in the world?

  • Some of the most popular cat breeds include: 1 American Shorthair 2 Bengal 3 British Shorthair 4 Domestic Longhair 5 Domestic Shorthair 6 Norwegian Forest Cat 7 Persian 8 Russian Blue 9 Siamese

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