how many different breeds of guinea pigs are there

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  • What are the different guinea pig breeds with pictures?

  • Here is a list of guinea pig breeds with pictures to show you what the different hairdos look like: 1 Abyssinian 2 American 3 American Crested / White Crested 4 Baldwin 5 Coronet 6 English Crested / Self Crested 7 Lunkarya 8 Merino 9 Peruvian 10 Satin More items…

  • Are guinea pigs popular in the US?

  • American guinea pigs are a medium-sized breed, with a wonderful temperament, laid-back personality and a cute, low-maintenance coat. This, combined with the fact that they鈥檙e typically very healthy animals, has helped make them the most popular breed in the USA.

  • What is the smallest type of guinea pig?

  • Smallest guinea pig breed Size-wise, the American guinea pig and the Texel guinea pig can be somewhat smaller than other breeds, topping out at 9 or 10 inches long. And of course, there can be (and often are) noticeable guinea pig size differences within any given litter.

  • Where do Peruvian guinea pigs come from?

  • Peruvian Guinea Pig 鈥?a long-haired breed Although South American, the breed was developed in Europe with breeders from France and England focusing on enhancing the quality and length of the coat as well as other characteristics such as the head; smaller in proportion to its body, the head of this cavy gives it a sleek and elegant look.

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