how many different breeds of guinea pigs are there

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  • What are the different types of guinea pigs?

  • There are many different types breeds of guinea pig, each with their own characteristics, colouring and markings. Some are more common than others, such as the Abyssinian which is quite a common type of cavy, and some, like the Merino are rarer. Many guinea pigs which you find in the pet shops or rescue centres are a mixture of various breeds.

  • Are guinea pigs popular in the US?

  • American guinea pigs are a medium-sized breed, with a wonderful temperament, laid-back personality and a cute, low-maintenance coat. This, combined with the fact that they鈥檙e typically very healthy animals, has helped make them the most popular breed in the USA.

  • Which is the best breed of guinea pig to get?

  • 13 Guinea Pig Breeds: A Complete List (With Pictures) 1 1. Abyssinian. Image Credit: Kirill Kurashov, Shutterstock. 2 2. American. 3 3. Peruvian. 4 4. Sheltie/Silkie. 5 5. Sheba. More items

  • What colors do guinea pigs come in?

  • Self-colored guinea pigs come in several different colors, including the following: In contrast to self-colored guinea pigs, which bear only a single color, other guinea pigs bear distinct color patterns. Some of the most noteworthy color patterns include:

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