how many different types of mastiff breeds are there

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19 Mastiff Breed Types A-Z List with Traits CharacteristicsAbruzzese MastiffAmerican MastiffArgentinian MastiffBrazillian MastiffBullmastiffCanary MastiffEnglish MastiffFrench Mastiff

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  • What are the different types of mastiffs?

  • The two types of mastiffs obviously have physical differences, though most modern kennel clubs have classified them both under the 鈥渕olosser鈥?type today. So for simplicity, we will be covering both types of mastiffs (molossers) in our list. Tough that Mastiff dog breeds are on the outside, they are just as gentle within.

  • How big do Mastiffs get?

  • Most Mastiff breeds fall somewhere in the range of 60-70cm (24-28in) with a weight around 45-60kg (100-130lbs). The largest Mastiff breed is the English Mastiff with up to 90cm (35in) in height but other incredibly large Mastiff breeds include the Great Dane, Tosa Inu, and rare breeds like the Spanish Mastiff, Bully Kutta, and American Mastiff.

  • What kind of dog is a Turkish mastiff?

  • The Turkish Mastiff, also known as the Aksaray Malaklisi or Anatolian Mastiff, comes from the Anatolian region of Turkey. Given the physical appearance of the breed, it鈥檚 believed that this breed comes from the English Mastiff and the native Kangal Dog, both highly-regarded guardian dog breeds.

  • Is an English Mastiff a good family dog?

  • The loyal and affectionate nature of the English Mastiff makes this breed the ideal family dog and companion. This dog would be accurately described as a 鈥済entle giant鈥?and enjoys spending quality time with its family. The low energy levels of this dog makes this breed ideal for families that spend a lot of time in the house relaxing.

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