how old should a goat be before breeding

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  • How old do goats have to be to reproduce?

  • Different goat breeds have different average ages for the doe to experience her first reproductive cycle. Pygmy goats can come into season as young as three to four months. Some goats, such as the desert breeds, Kutchi, and Jhakrana, only reach sexual maturity at well over one year of age.

  • When is the best time to breed goats?

  • To decide when to do your goat breeding, determine the ideal kidding time you want to aim at. From there, count backwards on the calendar 145 to 155 days (gestation period) to arrive at the approximate target breeding date.

  • What age can you breed a nanny goat?

  • id say you can breed the nanny goat at 16 to 18 months old.but only if she is big enough to the billy can breed as young as 4 months old.but i prolly wouldnt let him breed till he was 12 or 16 months old.but thats just me. It really depends on the type of goat.

  • How hard is it to breed goats?

  • Most goats breed easily when they are put together. It’s usually more of a challenge to keep them from breeding, than to get them started breeding. When breeding goats, you will need very few bucks, and a larger number of does. In fact, many goat breeders may have only one buck which breeds with dozens of does. It’s logical if you think about it.

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