how to be a registered cat breeder

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In order to become a cat breeder,you will need toregister a prefix (cattery name) with a cat council. All kittens will carry the prefix name. For example,a cattery by the name of Holmat Burmese,might name a litter of kittens the following:

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  • What does it mean to be a registered breeder?

  • Breeding cats cost a lot of money to purchase and housing, food and medical bills all add up. A registered breeder is registered with one of the cat councils. These are governing bodies that oversee the registration and breed standards of purebred cats. There are usually one or two cat councils per state (in Australia).

  • How do I register a cat with a breeder?

  • An application for registration must come from the breeder. Contact the breeder and request the Application for Registration, commonly called a 鈥渂lue slip鈥? Note: The breeder may opt to withhold the 鈥渂lue slip鈥?if your purchase agreement specifies that the cat must be neutered/spayed prior to receipt of registration paperwork.

  • How to start a cat breeding business?

  • You need to become an expert cat breeder in your chosen breed by going to cat shows. Find out the name of your local cat fancy and attend their shows for a while. Research the standards that your breed should exhibit. Register your intention to breed with your local council and establish how your cattery should be built.

  • Is it easy to become a cat breeder?

  • Becoming a cat breeder may be a satisfying challenge however it鈥檚 not as straightforward as you鈥檇 imagine. It ought to be an extended and slow method whereas you learn the maximum amount as you鈥檒l be able to concerning your chosen breed, genetics, and feline management. you may not create cash breeding cats.

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