how to become a dachshund breeder

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  • How to breed dachshunds?

  • How To Breed Dachshunds 鈥?Background, Breeding Practices, Litter Size鈥?When breeding Dachshunds, the breeder must prioritize the health of his breeding stock, as well as the qualities and shortcomings of the bloodlines being used.

  • What age should you start training a dachshund puppy?

  • When Jones sends puppies home at 8 to 9 weeks, he recommends that his new owners begin training basic lessons right away. Establishing training goals at specific times in a Dachshund鈥檚 development leads to success.

  • What is a stud contract for a dachshund?

  • A stud contract is a deal made with a breeder who has an intact male dachshund who is ready to be bred. You and the other breeder make a deal as to when and where the two dogs will get together to be bred, and arrange for payment either in cash and/or in kind (e.g. puppies).

  • Should I spay or neuter my dachshund?

  • This usually means you鈥檒l have the specific dachshund spayed or neutered so it cannot reproduce. You may decide to keep the spayed or neutered dachshund as a pet, or you may decide to sell it to someone who isn鈥檛 concerned about breed standards and who does not want to breed dogs. Allow only top-quality puppies to be breeders.

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