how to become a german shepherd breeder

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  • How to breeding German Shepherd Dogs?

  • When wondering how to breeding German Shepherd dogs, one can get a little confused. Indeed, the German Shepherd breed is varied and has branched out for its original core working standard. From breeding black German Shepherds to focusing on show bloodlines, GSD breeders are working with a very appreciated and respected breed.

  • How do I get started breeding German Shepherds in San Antonio?

  • If you鈥檙e in the San Antonio or New Braunfels area, here are some tips from a world-class breeder that can help you get started. The first thing potential dog breeders should do before undertaking the challenge is to educate themselves on the German Shepherd breed.

  • Are there any breeders of German Shepherds that are AKC certified?

  • For years, they have been dedicated to selectively breeding healthy and fine European German Shepherd puppies. They are granted the AKC Breeder of Merit and are a recognized member of USCA, SV, and GSDCA. The dogs in Select Shepherds are hips and elbow OFA certified and have also undergone DNA testing.

  • What should I look for when buying a German Shepherd puppy?

  • Check if your German shepherd is at the right age to breed and get her tested by the vet for her health and genetics. Look for the right mating partner for your dog that has healthy genes. Look for quality and experienced breeders for the same.

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