how to become a hobby dog breeder

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Complete an on-line courseon becoming a dog breeder. Another way to expand your dog breeding knowledge is to complete an on-line study course. The American Kennel Club offers courses at no charge in dog breeding anatomy,genetic defects,pedigree and more.

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  • Is dog breeding a hobby or a profession?

  • Some breeders are clearly identified as hobby breeders while others are obviously more organized and professional in their approach. What matters truly is for both types of breeders to ensure all their dogs are properly taken care of: diet, exercise, hygiene, health checks, paperwork, etc. The cost of dog breeding is also important to consider.

  • What do you need to know to become a breeder?

  • Breeders should also become intimately familiar with the breed they鈥檙e specializing in. Reading books on the breed and joining organizations that work with the breed are ways to learn about it. What is the growth potential for a dog breeding business?

  • How to start a dog breeding business?

  • Research the best canine breeds for a dog breeding business. Talk to other dog breeders, join local dog clubs, check out your state鈥檚 breeder organization, and find a knowledgeable breeder who can mentor you along the breeding journey as well as point out anything you may be missing.

  • What makes a good hobby breeder?

  • Hobby breeders often improvise and take one problem at a time, hoping that Mother Nature will take care of everything seamlessly. And letting nature follow its own course is generally better than being too involved with the whelping process.

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