how to become a registered guinea pig breeder

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  • How old do guinea pigs have to be to breed?

  • Breeding Guinea Pigs. Breeding guinea pigs is usually straightforward, but the results aren鈥檛 quick. The sow (female) and boar (male) need to be together for at least 17 days, and the gestation period is then around nine weeks. There is also quite a small window for safely breeding your female guinea pig. Before 6 months old they will be too young.

  • Is it hard to find a good guinea pig breeder?

  • We at Guinea Pig Finder, is quite aware of the fact that finding a well stocked and trustworthy Guinea pig breeders is a difficult process. Many times it has been seen that most people give up upon the idea of buying or adopting a guinea pig because of the difficulty in finding the right breeder.

  • What do you need to know before starting a guinea pig business?

  • Before starting Guinea pig farming business you should know about the uses of Guinea pigs. The Guinea pigs are multi-purpose animals and they are used for many different purposes. Their most common uses are as food, as pets and for scientific uses.

  • How guinea pigs are raised?

  • The guinea pigs are generally raised in 2 housing systems which are pens and hutches. Raising guinea pigs in hutch method is preferred among the breeders. Hutch system require less space, easier to handle and also easier to keep warm in the winter.

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