how to become a registered guinea pig breeder

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  • How to find a good guinea pig breeder?

  • Find a reputable breeder. A knowledgeable breeder with years of experience and expertise generally breeds guinea pigs with a strong bloodline and healthy genes. Purchasing your guinea pig through a breeder may be more expensive, as most reputable breeders only breed purebred guinea pigs for shows or as a hobby.

  • How old do guinea pigs have to be to breed?

  • Breeding Guinea Pigs. Breeding guinea pigs is usually straightforward, but the results aren鈥檛 quick. The sow (female) and boar (male) need to be together for at least 17 days, and the gestation period is then around nine weeks. There is also quite a small window for safely breeding your female guinea pig. Before 6 months old they will be too young.

  • Where to buy guinea pigs in Australia?

  • Guinea Pigs Australia Shop is the largest smallanimal store in Australia! We have high qualitypremium brands such as Burgess Excel, HayPigs!鈩?and StayBowl鈩?.

  • Is breeding guinea pigs safe?

  • Breeding guinea pigs is a controversial topic. Some people believe the pet guinea pig population is big enough, and new litters shouldn鈥檛 be bred while abandoned pets still wait to be adopted. Personally, I see no harm as long as you have an iron-clad plan for keeping those babies safe for their lifetime.

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