how to find a good cat breeder

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Cat show associations

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  • How do I find a good breeder for a kitten?

  • Most cat associations list breeders on their website, if you cannot find a listing, contact the association to check the breeder is registered with them. Once you have their name and prefix, use a search engine (Google, Bing etc) and search for them.

  • Where can I find a local cat breeder?

  • Whether you are looking for a specific breed of cat, or you are simply looking to see what cat breeders are local to your area, you can be sure to find the very best in the field within the Cat Breeders Association search facility.

  • Can a backyard breeder breed purebred cats?

  • A backyard breeder is not registered with a cat council, and may or may not use purebred cats. They do not breed to the breed standard. As they are not registered, they cannot provide pedigree papers for kittens produced. Kittens are typically (but not always) produced on a small scale.

  • What makes a reputable cat breeder?

  • Most reputable breeders have written sales contracts you’ll be expected to sign to purchase one of their cats. In fact, a written sales agreement is a sign of a caring, responsible breeder.

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