how to find a reputable cavapoo breeder

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Most Cavapoo breeders are found viaword of mouth, or through Facebook adverts, but another way of locating a breeder is to find the national breed club for the dam and inquiring about breeder referrals.

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  • Are there any people breeding Cavapoo puppies?

  • There are lots of people breeding Cavapoo puppies because of there popularity but finding a reputable breeder can be a case of hit or miss. It is very important that you only buy a puppy from a trusted breeder. You do not want to support puppy mills or end up with a puppy that has multiple health issues.

  • Where can I get a Cavapoo puppy in PA?

  • Millers鈥?Designer Cavapoo Puppies This family based breeder is Located in Kinzers, Pennsylvania. Dave and Edna strive to produce healthy and well socialized puppies by raising them in their home where they are exposed to normal everyday life.

  • Are there any cavapoos on the east coast?

  • The Cavapoo is one of the puppies that she sells on the east coast. She鈥檚 very selective about the parent dogs that she chooses in her breeding process and ensures the best possible puppies as a result. The focus of her Cavapoo puppies is on health and temperament as they grow to be friendly and social members of the family. 4. Carolina Cavapoos

  • Are Cavapoo puppies heart tested?

  • All of their puppies are genetically unaffected by degenerative diseases and they take health testing of their dogs very seriously. Their Cavapoo puppies are a first generation hybrid (F1) which come from Toy or Miniature Poodle stud dogs and their Kennel Club Registered Cavalier King Charles Spaniel girls, are heart tested annually.

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