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  • Where can I buy a Corgi puppy?

  • WindDancer is a reputable Corgi breeder to consider because their breeding program has been proven to produce champions. With them, you are guaranteed to receive a Corgi puppy in perfect health with great temperament and trainability. Email: [email protected]

  • Where can I get a Pembroke Welsh Corgi in Massachusetts?

  • A reputable Corgi breeder in the Massachusetts area, Copper鈥檚 Corgi鈥檚 has been breeding quality AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgis since the early 2000s. This award-winning breeder was recognized as a Breeder of Merit by the AKC in 2011. Cathy Seale, the woman behind Copper鈥檚 Corgi鈥檚, first started as a breeder for East German Shepherds in 1998.

  • Why choose Brogan Corgi breeding?

  • The main goal of this Corgi breeder is to breed quality dogs in terms of health, temperament, and training that are great for family life. Brogan Corgis has lived up to its reputation as a reputable AKC Breeder of Merit. Under their care are Corgis who are champions and have placed in several competitions.

  • Where can I buy a Corgi in El Dorado County?

  • Rocky L. Ranch is a PWCCA-registered Corgi breeder in El Dorado County, California. Their Corgis live with the owners and their horses in a five-acre fenced farm with a house, barns, and space for running and playing.

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