how to get abyss dragon in dragon city by breeding

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  • How to breed the Abyss Dragon?

  • How to breed the Abyss Dragon. The Abyss Dragon can only be bred at the breeding sanctuary. More Info. it can be be bred using 2 dragons that together have at least one of the following elements: Light, Dark, Ice and Flame.

  • How do you breed pure dragons in Dragon City?

  • Pure Dragons. Breeding Pure Dragons These can be breed using any of the 4 legendary dragons. You can mix the similar ones as well. Either of these combos are good: Mirror + Mirror = Pure Legendary + Crystal = Pure To get the pure elements, just use the generation 1 dragons and breed it with the Pure Unicorn get the respective elements.

  • Is the Abyss Dragon a legendary dragon?

  • The Abyss Dragon is a legendary dragon with Light as its primary kind. Dark, Ice, and Flame moves are all available to the Abyss Dragon. Only the breeding sanctuary can produce Abyss Dragons.

  • What is the Abyss Dragon’s primary typing?

  • The Abyss Dragon is a Legendary Dragon with the primary typing of Light. The Abyss Dragon can also learn Dark, Ice and Flame moves. Description: The most unknown of all four-element dragons.

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