how to get abyss dragon in dragon city by breeding

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  • How to breed powerful dragons in Dragon City game?

  • Tips to Breed Powerful Dragons in Dragon City Game. 1 Breeding a Terra Dragon. Here are the dragons you can possibly get if you breed a Terra Dragon with other types. Terra + Flame = Flaming Rock or … 2 Breeding a Flame Dragon. 3 Breeding a Sea Dragon. 4 Breeding a Nature Dragon. 5 Breeding an Electric Dragon. More items

  • What level can you breed the Abyss Dragon?

  • The Abyss Dragon was released on 25/3/2014 in store for 4500 . It has a Social Empires counterpart named Hell Abyss Dragon. It can now be bred with the Breeding Sanctuary at level 5. Despite having the Dark element, the Dark attacks still do a critical on this dragon.

  • Is the Abyss Dragon a legendary dragon?

  • The Abyss Dragon is a legendary dragon with Light as its primary kind. Dark, Ice, and Flame moves are all available to the Abyss Dragon. Only the breeding sanctuary can produce Abyss Dragons.

  • Where can I breed Dragons in DCW?

  • Joe is a member of DCW and has a very accurate Breeding Calculator and a separate one for Sanctuary Dragons! It is the third breeding area, meaning you’ll be able to breed dragons in the Breeding Mountain and Ultra Breeding Tree as well.This is a better version of the Deus Vault !

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