how to get bonsly through breeding

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  • Can Bonsly evolve by giving him items?

  • No. Bonsly won’t evolve by giving him items. You need to teach him the move Mimic. Once you level him up after learning mimic, he’ll evolve into Sudowoodo. Was talking about the Sudowoodo. Read the question, lulz. DX Oh yeah, I’m so sorry. I guess I kinda misunderstood. Real sorry. ^_^

  • What does Bonsly do in Super Smash Bros Brawl?

  • Bonsly appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a Pok Ball Pokmon. Once released, characters can pick it up and throw it at other players. Due to its weight, characters holding it can only move very slowly and it can’t be thrown very far, but a direct hit does massive damage and can result in a knockout within two hits (at 0% damage).

  • Where can I find a Bonsly in Pokemon HeartGold?

  • A Bonsly appeared in The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore!, where it was one of the Pokmon seen at the Sunyshore City Pokmon Center. A Bonsly appeared in Forging Forest Friendships!, where Team Rocket had captured it and a Sudowoodo in a net.

  • What level does Bonsly evolve into Sudowoodo?

  • It evolves into Sudowoodo when leveled up while knowing Mimic . 3.5 Pokmon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! Bonsly is a round, brown Pokmon with the top of its head resembling a club (鈾?. A rim goes around the middle of its body. There are three yellow spots on its face, two of which surround its eyes, which are small black dots.

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