how to get skipples in monster legends by breeding

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  • How to breed monsters in monster legends?

  • Here is a detailed Monster Legends breeding guide with pictures of the monsters. You can use other combinations to get the monster you want. This means you cannot use the single element monster and breed directly with the other. You need to use dual element monsters to do so.

  • Can epic monsters be used to breed legendary monsters?

  • Ultimately, they are component for breeding legendary monsters Due to their preciousness, Epic monsters mostly cannot be bred normally by using 2 elemental () monsters. The requirement of breeding Epic monster is using both uncommon/rare monsters (any 2-element monster).

  • Is it possible to get a legendary monster from an egg?

  • While you may have the right combination to get a Legendary monster, the chances of one hatching from an egg are pretty low. You鈥檒l likely get a different monster than the Legendary you want. Even if you don鈥檛 get a Legendary monster, you can always keep trying. Before you can breed monsters, though, you have to construct a Breeding Mountain.

  • What is legendary breeding?

  • Breeding is the most important concept in monster legends. It is the heat and soul of the game. Legendary and Epic monsters are very difficult to get and so the only way it is possible is if you keep trying. Our breeding chart (with pictures) below will guide and assist you in getting your own special monsters. Legendary.

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