how to keep guppies from breeding

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Remove the male

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  • How to stop guppy fish from breeding?

  • How to Stop Guppy Fish from Breeding? 1 Keep the female and male in a separate aquarium: This is one of the best options and the easiest way as well. … 2 Keep the male guppies only: It is very difficult to maintain and manage two separate tanks. So, there is a simple option for you. … 3 Keep the female guppies only:

  • How do guppies breed?

  • In terms of breeding guppies, or nearly any livebearer, it鈥檚 fairly easy task and you don鈥檛 need to be an expert in it. They are hardy subtropical fish and can easily survive any tank conditions with some basic prerequisites. When you put a female and male together they will start mating and giving birth for consecutive months around the year.

  • Are live-breeder guppies easy to control?

  • Live-breeder species tend to have a fast breeding activity, which is not easy at all to control. Since this is very likely to happen to anyone owning a guppy aquarium, all the motivated aquarist should have some knowledge about controlling guppy population and guppy breeding.

  • How to take care of a newborn Guppy?

  • by providing plenty of foliage and cover in the tank to keep the female guppy from eating them. You can also protect the fry by placing the female guppy back into your main tank after the birth, although she may become pregnant again in short order or within next few hours.

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