how to pass nature pokemon breeding

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Give it an Everstone to hold

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  • Can Pokémon learn new moves through breeding?

  • Since the second generation of Pokmon games, Pokmon have been able to reproduce to create new Pokmon. Pokmon can learn new moves through breeding, and furthermore some Pokmon are only obtainable with this method.

  • How do you get the nature of a Pokemon?

  • Passing down natures. Pokmon can also inherit natures while breeding. Normally the nature is chosen at random from the 25 possibilities, but as natures raise and lower certain stats, often you will want a specific nature. So if a Pokmon is holding the Everstone item, its child is guaranteed to have the same nature.

  • How do you breed a Pokémon?

  • So you’d need to breed the move onto a Pokmon like Pikachu (Fairy/Field groups) then onto a Pokmon like Arbok (Field/Dragon groups). Each Pokmon is assigned to one or more egg groups, and only Pokmon in the same egg groups may breed.

  • How do you influence the outcome of a Pokemon breeding?

  • (In some cases, Pokmon have only one normal ability, for example starter Pokmon, or sometimes no hidden ability). So how can you influence the outcome? For normal abilities, when breeding a male and a female of the same Pokmon with different abilities, only the female has a chance to pass it down.

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