how to stop goldfish breeding

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Less frequent water changes

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  • How do you stop a female goldfish from spawning?

  • The separation will break the spawning cycle and help keep her safe. Use the magnifying glass to check the sex of your goldfish to avoid male and female pairs in the same tank. If you observe this aggressive behaviour, use a net to transfer the female to a fish bowl by herself for about a week.

  • How do you breed goldfish?

  • This article has been viewed 915,128 times. To breed goldfish, start by placing a male and female goldfish in the same tank. Then, wait for the female to drop her eggs and the male to fertilize them. Once you notice the fertilized eggs in the tank, transfer both goldfish to a different tank so they don’t eat the eggs.

  • Do you have to keep goldfish underwater when breeding?

  • You don’t have to keep your goldfish underwater as you squeeze their vents. Goldfish, like other fish, can breathe outside of water, although not as well. Just be sure to keep them out of water for no more than 30 seconds at a time. Separate your breeders from your eggs.

  • Why is my Goldfish hiding from other goldfish?

  • An aggressive fish will stress out other goldfish and cause them to hide. Solution: If this becomes a series and frequent issue, the aggressive goldfish should be moved to its tank while arrangements are taken to make the fish get along better with its tank mates.

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