how to tell a good breeder

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Turner says a good breeder should:Be very knowledgable about the breed. The breeder should know all the standards of the breed,the temperament of the breed,and should patiently answer all your questions. Ask you several questions about yourself,your lifestyle,and your family situation. The breeder may ask to meet your entire family.

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  • What to look for when buying a dog from a breeder?

  • The premises should be clean and smell good. Avoid breeders who have large numbers of dogs and puppies kept in kennels or runs. This could be a puppy mill masquerading as a breeder. Ask to see the whole litter and at least one of the parents.

  • How can you tell if a dog breeder is bad?

  • How Can You Tell a Bad Dog Breeder? You can easily tell a bad dog breeder by checking the following signs: In the vast majority of cases, if they show any or all of the previous signs, you can easily tell that they is a bad breeder, and therefore, you must avoid it.

  • Why should I choose a breeder for my Dog?

  • Breeders are invaluable resources: Not only are they a bridge between you and your perfect dog, you can rely on them throughout your dog鈥檚 lifetime. Think of a breeder as your own private guide to all things dogs, from choosing the right dog to caring for it forever.

  • How to check a dog breeder鈥檚 background?

  • A great way to supplement all of your screening process is to check a dog breeder鈥檚 social media presence. Find all the profiles that belong to the dog breeder, so you can check everything they have posted, all the interactions they received such as messages, and of course, feedback, reviews, ratings and complaints.

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