how were dog breeds created

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When dog breeds began to be actively developed about 500 years ago, they were created out of a fairlyhomogenous gene pool, from dogs with mixed genetic heritages which had been developed in widely disparate locations.

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  • What were dogs originally bred for?

  • Hundreds of years ago, dogs were bred to fulfill certain duties. They are genetically coded to perform these tasks. If not 鈥渨orking鈥? dogs can become depressed, destructive, and anxious. Let鈥檚 talk about what some types of dogs were originally bred for and what jobs they are suited for in 2018.

  • Where do dogs come from?

  • While we鈥檝e bred dogs to be stronger, smaller, or even more docile, they all come from a wolf-like ancestor thousands of years ago. So what鈥檚 your fav dog breed?

  • What started the process of creating the dog?

  • Let鈥檚 go back to the beginning, and we will see that it was wild canines, like wolves, that started the process of creating the domestic dog. The coming of the Ice Age was the turning point.

  • What makes a dog a purebred?

  • Things like distinguishing markings, the color of a coat and other physical features like head and body shape. A new breed has to meet very specific requirements to qualify as an official breed. Many organizations like the American Kennel Club demand proof that every dog used to make the new breed was a certified purebred.

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