is dog breeding legal in california

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  • Will California regulate breeding dogs in the state?

  • Last week, a bill was introduced in the California Assembly to regulate all who breed a dog in the state. Assembly Bill 702 can be scheduled for a committee hearing beginning March 19.

  • Are there any new pet laws in California?

  • Here are 10 California pet laws you need to know. 1. California Pet Stores May Only Sell Rescues At the end of 2018, California officially tightened up lax laws around what pet stores can and cannot sell.

  • Is it legal to breed dogs without a license?

  • In the United States, dog breeding is a legal activity as long as the breeder is not found guilty of animal cruelty. Some states may require some dog breeders to be sanctioned with a license if they reach specifics thresholds.

  • Is it illegal to abandon a dog in California?

  • Far too many pet owners move away or grow bored of their pets, abandoning them to a life outdoors. This results in significant suffering as domestic animals are really not built for life alone. That鈥檚 why California also makes it illegal to abandon any dog, cat or rabbit. This is a chargeable offense under animal cruelty laws. 8.

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