should pets be adopted than bought from a breeder essay

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Even though breeders can give you a family pet,you should consider adopting a pet rather than buying. This is because adoption reduces the number of pets that go into shelters every year. Also,you improve the lives of the animals in these overpopulated rescue centers by freeing up space.

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  • Is it better to buy from a breeder or an adopted animal?

  • This will probably sound very strange to a non-animal lover but adopted animals tend to be more loving than one bought from a breeder. Many people who have bought pets from breeders and from shelters say that the 鈥榬escued鈥?animal acts more affectionately towards its master.

  • Should you buy a pet from a pet breeder or a shelter?

  • When you look for an animal from a pet breeder, you can be sure that you鈥檒l be forced to pay top dollar. While the shelter also charges a fee (it needs money to stay open you know!), the cost is far lower.

  • Should I adopt from a shelter or rescue animal?

  • When adopting from a shelter or rescue, you get so much more. Depending on the age of the animal, all shots have been given, the animal has received a veterinarian check prior to being listed as available, and the pet has been spayed or neutered. 2. Cost: Pure breed animals almost always cost more than shelter or rescue animals.

  • What happens to the adoption fee when you adopt a puppy?

  • The adoption fee is usually spent on food and resources for the other animals at the shelter. Puppies at shelters will typically be more costly to adopt, but this is only because the shelter is usually the one to have neutered or spayed them and they鈥檙e looking to be reimbursed for the price of the procedure.

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