what age do mares stop breeding

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In most cases, mares are no longer optimally reproductive when they reach15 years of age or older. Sure, some mares can have healthy foals when they鈥檙e in their 20s, but most of these horses have had several successful pregnancies before.

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  • When is a mare too old to breed?

  • When Is a Mare Too Old To Breed? Everything You Need to Know! If you have a mare that鈥檚 getting up there in years and you鈥檙e wondering if it鈥檚 safe to breed her, we鈥檝e put together some helpful info that may help. In most cases, mares are no longer optimally reproductive when they reach 15 years of age or older.

  • What is the average age for a horse to stop breeding?

  • The official age given is usually at about the age of twenty. Horses can live up to thirty years, so it is not unlike menopause. Again, this will depend. Some may stop at the age of eighteen, and a few may be younger. Some may also be older, even up to about twenty-two years old.

  • How old do broodmares have to be to foal?

  • A: As a general guideline, broodmares are past their reproductive prime as they approach about 15 or 16 years old. That being said, of course there are mares out there successfully foaling past this age and well into their twenties. However, most of these mares have a thorough reproductive history filled…

  • What is the breeding cycle of a mare?

  • Knowing your mares鈥?breeding cycle is critical for most breeders because of how birthdays are defined in many horse registries. Mares have an eleven-month gestation cycle, and all foals in the Northern Hemisphere are considered born on January 1 of the year of their birth.

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