what are stalwarts and half-breeds

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Stalwartswere the 鈥渢raditional,鈥?鈥淥ld Guard鈥?Republicans who advocated for the civil rights of African-Americans and opposed Rutherford B. Hayes鈥檚 efforts to enact civil service reform. They were pitted against the 鈥?strong>Half-Breeds鈥?(classically liberal moderates) for control of the Republican Party.

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  • What was the difference between the Stalwarts and half-breeds?

  • Stalwarts and Half-Breeds. In the minds of the Stalwarts, the term Half-Breed was meant to suggest that they were only half Republican. The Half-Breeds backed Hayes’ lenient treatment of the South and supported civil service reform. James G. Blaine of Maine was the leader of this group, but failed to win the party nomination in 1876 and 1880.

  • What were the Stalwarts and half breeds of the Republican Party?

  • Stalwarts and Half-Breeds During the administration of Rutherford B. Hayes (1877-1881), the Republican Party was split into two factions: The Stalwarts, the conservative faction, saw themselves as stalwart in opposition to Hayes’ efforts to reconcile with the South.

  • Who are the half-breeds?

  • The Half-Breeds, a term of disparagement favored by the Stalwarts, was applied to the moderately liberal faction of the Republican Party.

  • Why are we called 鈥楬alf Breeds?

  • Blaine and his followers 鈥渨ere known as 鈥楬alf Breeds鈥?because of their willingness to depart from Stalwart orthodoxy,鈥?writes historian Lewis L. Gould.

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