what are the best dog breeds for therapy dogs

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Golden Retrievers

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  • What are the best therapy dogs?

  • This breed can be some of the best therapy dogs if the one you seek is one with a lot of energy. They love to play and run around and are sure to get you out of the house for plenty of exercise. 3. German Shepherds This breed is widely loved and highly sought after. They are one of the most popular canine breeds, and it is clear why.

  • What breed of dog is best for emotional support?

  • 10 Best Dog Breeds for Emotional Support. 1 American Staffordshire Terrier. Jasmin Leonard / Getty Images. 2 Golden Retriever. 3 Labrador Retriever. 4 Corgi. The Spruce / Kevin Norris. 5 Yorkshire Terrier. More items

  • What is the best dog breed for autism?

  • He has a short coat and doesn鈥檛 shed too much. Pet therapy is one of the most recommended treatments for children diagnosed with autism. On that note, the Australian Labradoodle is the most preferred dog breed for pet therapy.

  • Are therapy dogs good as emotional support dogs?

  • Most of the dogs that are good therapy dogs are also great as emotional support dogs. There is also a lot of overlap with breeds good as service dogs, although most people still think of service dogs as only a handful of breeds.

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