what are the breeds of cats

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  • What kind of cats are there on pets4you?

  • Fluffy, long-haired and hairless cats. Exotic, domestic and unique breeds鈥?From the most popular Siamese to the rarest Turkish Angora, Pets4You has a wide range of whiskery wonders. While we think this is the best list, we do not claim it contains every breed you have ever heard of.

  • How many different breeds of cats are there?

  • Here you will find over 70 breeds, similar in number to the TICA cat association, but actually much more than both the CFA and FIFE, which recognize under 50 breeds. So with our wide range of purrfect cat breeds we know you can find the right breed for you鈥?/div>List of 70 Cat Breeds with pictures | Pets4You

  • What is the most popular breed of cat?

  • Most Popular Cat Breeds 1 Ragdoll 2 Exotic Shorthair 3 British Shorthair 4 Persian 5 Maine Coon 6 American Shorthair 7 Devon Rex 8 Sphynx 9 Scottish Fold 10 Abyssinian More items…

  • What are the different types of non-shedding cats?

  • Although non-shedding cats are a rarity, several hypoallergenic cat breeds, which are also hairless cat breeds, are the exception. They include the Bambino, British Shorthair, Levkoy, Peterbald, and Sphynx. Family cats with easygoing, loyal temperaments are good companions for children.

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