what are the largest domestic cat breeds

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Large Cat Breeds 鈥?5 Largest Domestic BreedsMaine Coon. …Ragdoll. The Ragdoll is a laid …Norwegian Forest cat. …Siberian cat. …British Shorthair. …

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  • What are the biggest cat breeds in the world?

  • British Shorthair: measures 30 cm at the withers and weighs up to 8 kg. British Longhair: reaches 35 cm to the cross and weighs up to 7 kg. Keep reading if you want to know more about these 12 large house cat breeds. 1. Maine Coon The Maine Coon cat is one of the largest cat breeds in the world.

  • What is the best breed of cat to get?

  • 1 Siberian Cat. 2 Ragamuffin. 3 Ragdoll. 4 Turkish Van. 5 Maine Coon. 6 British Shorthair. 7 Bengal. 8 Pixiebob. 9 Norwegian Forest Cat. 10 American Bobtail. More items…

  • How big can a house cat get?

  • They are fearless without being aggressive, which is a desirable combination of traits for a house cat. These are 10 of the largest cat breeds, most of which can grow to be 20 pounds or more.

  • Is a big cat a good choice for You?

  • Big cat breeds can be quite the majestic felines with distinct and positive characteristics. And that can be a great choice for you! If you want a big kitty, check out our list of top 10 largest domestic cat breeds.

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